Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fun Personality Tests

Many people use Fun Personality Tests to understand more about those around them. I have found that it has helped me to understand relationships of people that are close to me as well as friendships, both short and long term. My favorite among the Fun Personality Tests out there is the Personality Plus Test

This test was originally published in a book that I discovered about 15 years ago by Florence Littauer called Personality Plus that provides a window into our behavior patterns. It focuses on four key personality types known as "Choleric", "Melancholy", "Sanguine" and "Phlegmatic".

The Choleric is the dominant, strong, decisive, stubborn and even arrogant type of person. They tend to make good leaders because they are driven to get things done, however they might offend some people along the way. They are also known as the "POWEFUL" type. Some famous examples are Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly.

The Melancholy is the cerebral type of person. Their typical behavior involves thinking, assessing, making lists, evaluating the positives and negatives, and general analysis of facts. They tend to favor maps, charts and lists. They are usually the most intelligent of the four types, however they sometimes dwell on details. A Melancholy is a planner, making sure things happen, although sometimes suffer from the paralysis of analysis. Lists and "doing things the right way" are characteristics of this personality type. Melancholies are also known as the "Perfect" type. Some famous examples are Hillary Clinton and Ernest Hemingway.

The Sanguine is the social butterfly type of person. They enjoy fun, socializing, chatting, telling stories and are fond of over-promising because that's the friendly thing to do. A Sanguine gets along well with people and can get those around them excited about issues, however can not always be relied upon to get things done. They love interacting with others and play the role of the entertainer in group interactions. They have a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. Sanguines are also known as the "Popular" type. Some famous examples are Bill Clinton, Robin Williams, and Richard Simmons.

The Phlegmatic is the low key type of person. They are easy going, laid back, unexcitable and relaxed. They desire a quiet and peaceful environment above all else. They tend not to actively upset people, but their indifference to issues may frustrate people. They try not to make decisions, and generally go for the status quo. They are good as mediators because they usually don't have many enemies. They also have a "dry" and quick sense of humor. Phlegmatics are also known as the "Peaceful" type. Some famous examples are Tim Duncan, Sandy Koufax, and Keanu Reeves.

In the book, Florence Littauer discusses the differences between her Choleric/Sanguine personality versus the Melancholy personality of her husband. It makes for a fun and interesting read. She also describes the strengths and weaknesses of the four types at the workplace, at home as a parent and as a friend.

I have used the book to obtain a greater understanding of the people around me and in my life. On occasion I use it as a fun test for friends. However, I recommend that you check with the people first before giving this test, since not all of them will be interested.

"Personality Plus" contains one of my favorite Fun Personality Tests and will continue to entertain those who read it.